EMOM 8 (From the floor)
ODD : 3 Thrusters + 3 Front Squats
EVEN : 3 Broad Jumps (parallel to barbell)

Rest 2 Minutes

EMOM 8 (From the floor)
ODD: 2 Thrusters + 2 Front Squats
EVEN : 2 Broad Jumps

Rest 2 Minutes

EMOM 8 (From the floor)
ODD : 1 Thruster + 1 Front Squat
EVEN: 1 Broad Jump

WOD Guidance:
Getting explosive today!
Build on the barbell as the reps go down,
Go for more distance on your jumps as the rounds go on!

What’s a lesson that you’ve been forced to learn over and over?

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