For time:
Run 1.5 miles
30 muscle ups
Run 1.5 miles

WOD Guidance:
Today is a longer workout – a nice little muscle up sandwich between two longer runs. Pace your first run to allow you to come in and get right to the rings. Once you’re on the rings, short and consistent sets is the name of the game – chip your way through your 30 reps – and then back out on a run to finish strong. If muscle ups aren’t happening, then we’re looking for a challenging upper body movement that will force you to break things up.

Box Brief:
Lift N Chill September Sundays with Eddie – Every Sunday in September from 9am-10:30am @ TILT Sudbury. Click HERE for details.
TILT Internal Team Throwdown – Saturday October 21st @ 8:45am at TILT Waltham – Click HERE for details. Sign-up at the front desk!