“One Way or Another”
5 rounds of:
Max Calorie Row/Bike/Ski in 60 seconds

*Complete a total of 40 reps (or calories) each round.
For example, if you row 25 calories, complete 15 burpees that round.
If you row 30 calories, complete 10 burpees that round.

WOD Guidance:
Today is all cardio, all the time. When we’re picking a machine today, let’s pick the one that we feel most comfortable on and skillful at. This probably is not the day to try the ski erg for the first time. Additionally, let’s think about setting realistic expectations for each round. It is probably not realistic to think that we will get 40 calories in the minute. Coach Scott is the only person I’ve ever seen do 40 C2 Calories in a minute, at our charity event this past May. Scott did this one time, and while he’s an incredibly fit guy I’m not sure he would have been capable of repeating his performance. So what’s a good number of calories to shoot for? Well, if we’re able to sustain a 1200 pace on our monitor, then we’re going to get 20 calories in a minute. If we’re able to sustain 900, then we’ll get 15 calories. I think the best strategy here is to pick a pace that feels slightly harder on the machine, and slightly easier on the burpees. Think “running pace C2 Machine, jogging pace burpees” and you’ll be just fine. Additionally, we want to make sure we’re not pausing between burpees and calories, getting right back on our machine again after each set of burpees.

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