“Wide Load”
Strict Press 15-12-9
Strict Ring Dips 15-12-9
Push-ups 15-12-9
*21 Sit-ups after each set

WOD Guidance:
When we look at this workout we see a rep scheme that biases stamina over endurance. Stamina refers to the ability to produce force at a muscle site, vs endurance which to our bodies ability to utilize oxygen for energy. Sometimes we lose the ability to do reps because our body isn’t able to process oxygen quickly enough to produce the necessary force (think of how difficult strict pull-ups are when you’re out of breath). Other times, our muscles become filled with the byproducts of repeated contraction, and if we aren’t able to clear this metabolic waste out of the muscle site before the next contraction then our ability to produce force is compromised, and we may fail that rep. Everyone has experienced the feeling of not being able to do one more push-up; this is that feeling. There are a couple strategies that we can use to avoid this issue. The first is to leave a good number of reps in the tank. As we push deeper into a set, the reps get more and more expensive and accumulate more and more metabolite. We can avoid that onset of blood lactate accumulation by keeping a large number of reps in reserve and stopping before the set gets hard. Another strategy is to pick weights and scaling options that allow us to keep the reps fast. Our strict press weight should be something that we can comfortably do 10+ reps with when we’re fresh, so that we at least can always start the set with a few fast reps.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever driven?

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