WEDNESDAY VIRTUAL CLASS SCHEDULE 7 AM Class, 9 AM Class, 10:30 AM Kids Fitness, 12 PM Core and Cardio, 1 PM HIIT&Sculpt, 4 PM Mobility, 5 PM Class, 6 PM POP UP HIP HOP CLASS

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I’ll Be Back
10 rounds
9 DB Thruster
9 Burpees over DB

Warm Up
:30 Toe Taps to DB
:30 Step/Step Up Down
:30 Slow Air Squat
:30 Toe Taps
:30 Up Downs
:30 Faster Air Squats

Burpee Over DB Warm Up
2 Up Down to Step Over DB
2 Step/Step Burpee Step over DB
2 Hop/Step Hop over DB

Thruster Warm Up
5 Air Front Squat
5 Air Push Press
5 Air Thruster
5 Front Squat
5 Push Press
5 Thruster

Reps- 6 Thruster- Air Thruster, Front Squat, Push Press, Glute Bridge
Burpee Over DB- Up Downs, Jump Overs, Step Overs

Tabata Time

Question of the Day