“Frog and Toad”
Back Squat – 5/5/3/3/3/1/1/1/1/1

14 Elevated Reverse Lunges
28 Plate Hops
*Everyone lunges off of and hops to a 45# plate

WOD Guidance:
This two part workout is going to test our leg strength and endurance! On our first part, we should “start with the end in mind.” Whenever we see a scheme that has us lowering the number of reps, we should be trying to increase the weight each set, and thinking about how the difficulty of each set informs our weight selection on the next. While percentages might not be a great fit for us to assess how difficult a given rep should be, we can use a scale called reps in reserve. Reps in reserve, or RIR for short, is a metric that determines how difficult a set is based on the perceived proximity from failure of the set. Say you did a set of 10, but felt that you could have done two more reps. Given those two reps in the tank, we would give that set a grade of 2 RIR. Our best strength gains are made in the 1-4 RIR range. Today on the back squats, let’s try to hang out there, as 1-4 RIR gives us the best balance of heavy weight and preserving proper technique.

What kids book had the best illustrations?

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