New specialty class, tight rope walking!

“Reach for the Beach”
3:00 On/2:00 Off x 5 Rounds
15 V-Ups
18 Deadlifts @Bodyweight
Max Calories In Time Remaining

WOD Guidance:
The ultimate beach snack is…
Goldfish? Cape Cod Chips? Pringles? Combos?
I’m not sure I can pick one…such a tough choice…
Fun fun fun is on the menu today. Your core is going to feel like those balloons outside of a used car dealership. On the machines…SEND IT!

Box Brief:
24 Heroes Event – Saturday, May 18th – Sunday May 19th – Click HERE for all details
*Pre-order a fundraiser T-shirt or Tank at the front desk! All proceeds will be donated to the event.