“Weightlifting Wednesday”
5×1 Muscle Snatch

5×1 Power Snatch

5×1 Squat Snatch

What’s your favorite workout to do at a commercial gym?

WOD Guidance:
Weightlifting Wednesday is back in full force with this classic snatch progression! These three exercises illustrate an important concept in weightlifting; the snatch and clean and jerk are complicated movements with many different components. Often, we’ll use variations (in this case, the muscle snatch and power snatch) to isolate and improve specific aspects of the movement. In this case, the muscle snatch removes our ability to drop under the bar and move our feet, which forces the trajectory of the bar to be tighter and prevents us from swinging the bar out and jumping forward or backward to compensate for that swing. The power snatch reinforces proper bar trajectory, while also working on a skill called “time to fixation:” how quickly we can hold the bar steady above our head after extending our hips. Finally, we get to test drive these new skills in the full competition movement – the squat snatch. Remember, you don’t get better at lifting weights by taking maximum attempts; rather, we improve by picking weights that challenge our technical ability, without being so heavy that we’re worried about missing attempts.

Box Brief
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