Running into the gym for WLW like…

“The Sleep Book”
For Load:
1 Clean Pull
1 High Hang Power Clean
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Power Clean

10 min Clock
Up Ladder
2/2 4/4 6/6 8/8 10/10…
Power Clean @ 155/105
Box Jump Over @ 24/20

WOD Guidance:
This one is going to be a blast – some weightlifting work followed by a climbing ladder workout? What’s not to like?! Expect the weightlifting to be sub-maximal, as a high hang clean will challenge your technique and efficiency – and that’s going to be our focus for today. For the workout, choosing a loading that you could do 5-7 unbroken while fresh, but performing quick singles in the workout will be the path to success.

Box Brief:
24 Heroes Fundraiser – Saturday May 20th – Sunday May 21st
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Gym Closed on Easter Sunday 4/9- No Open Gym
Marathon Monday 4/17- One Class at 8am!