Wendy rushing to the gym for “Rush Hour”

“Rush Hour”
3 rounds of:
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
15 Deadlifts @ Bodyweight


10 min clock:
5×5 Deadlift (no touch and go dead stop at bottom)

WOD Guidance:
“The Beach Boys are great American music”

Something fast and then something heavy.


Pick a weight on the first piece that you’ll be able to do 15 touch and go reps unbroken when fresh. As the workout goes on you might be breaking 8-7. The chest to bars will get spicy quick so consider breaking them up early and often.

Another 5×5 in 10 mins! You know the deal…don’t stress about weight and instead focus in on your form. Big focus will be driving those feet into the ground and settling the hips as the bar returns to the ground.

Box Brief 
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