For Load:
Back Squat 5×3

For Time:
3 rounds of
20 Alternating DB Box Step Ups @ 50/35 + 24/20
20 Burpees

WOD Guidance:
Back to back squat days? You bet. We’re bipedal creatures so we definitely can’t neglect consistently using our legs, however, this will be a challenging turnaround from Monday. Today may not be the day to find a 3RM on the back squat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some solid work in under the bar. Today, progress may mean getting deeper in the squat, or focusing on speed on the way up. As long as we have a bar on our back and we’re moving well, it doesn’t really matter the reps or load, we’re going to get stronger. Today’s conditioning piece offers a high heart rate as well as some solid leg accessory, a two for one deal! Choose a load that will allow unbroken step ups, and cruise at a solid pace on the burpees until the last round where you can go for it!

Box Brief:
Zero One Nutrition Challenge starts August 26th! Click HERE for details.
King of The Mountain 24 Hour Event – Saturday September 10th @ 9am at Mount Abram – Click HERE for details.