Deadlifts @ Bodyweight
Lateral Burpees over Bar

WOD Guidance:
Our workout today is a two parter that’s all deadlifts, all the time. In the past I’ve written about doing deadlifts in the strength portion with a stop at the bottom, a controlled lowering phase, or both. Expect your coach to give you one of these options today for the strength portion. Whenever we have a heavy lift in class, we want to remember that we don’t build strength by lifting the heaviest weight possible, we build strength by lifting moderately heavy weight with perfect technique. Therefore, go in to this workout with the goal of lifting well, rather than hitting a specific load. For our WOD today, we’re looking to pick a weight that we could do for 21+ reps unbroken if we were fresh. Inside the workout, it’s okay if we take one break each on our sets of 21 and 15. On our burpees we should think about staying low like a fitness panther as we jump over the bar, so that we can cycle our burpees faster and hit the correct stimulus for the workout.

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