Double Unders
Deadlifts @ 185/135

WOD Guidance:
This workout is one that’s first and foremost meant to challenge our ability to stabilize our cores. All three movements today require us to generate force with our arms or legs and use our torso to translate that force to either an external object or a different area of our bodies. While we tend to think of core strength as the ability to do a large number of sit-ups or toes-to-bar, really any exercise where we’re generating force with our lower body and using it to move an object that’s held by our upper body is a core exercise. This includes things like squats, power cleans, and of course, deadlifts. One way to maximize the strength of our core is by breathing effectively. If we’re able to take in a strong, medium-size breath through both our nose and mouth, and tighten the muscles of our belly by pulling our ribs down, then we’re going to be able to keep our spines safe and use the strength of our legs much more efficiently to move the barbell on deadlifts.

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