Kristen & Co.

“The Biggest Loser”
3 Weighted Pull-ups @ 35/25
6 DB Push-ups @ 35s/25s
12 DB Lunge @ 35s/25s

WOD Guidance:
All you need to get fit is a pair of dumbbells! Today we have weighted pull-ups, dumbbell push-ups (not weighted) and dumbbell lunges. Our weighted pull-ups are written to be done with one dumbbell between the thighs, our push-ups are being done with the hands on two dumbbells, and our lunges are being done holding two dumbbell any way you prefer. When we’re picking scaling options today, we want to pick our hardest versions of a push-up and pull-up. Ring rows, negatives, and bands are suitable options on the pull-ups today, and on the push-ups we can think about box push-ups or banded push-ups. For our lunges, although we can hold the dumbbells any way we prefer, I would strongly suggest holding them in front rack rather than at your sides. Given the grip demand placed on our hands by weighted pull-ups, it seems unwise to test our grip further when we don’t have to.

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