1:30 On / 1:30 Off x 7
200m Run
Max Toes to Bar in Remaining Time

WOD Guidance:
Today we have a hard workout combining toes to bar and a run. Inside each round today, we should be looking to spend no more than one minute on the run. If we’re someone who thinks the run might take us longer than that we can either reduce the distance, or do it as a 100m run/200m C2 Bike. From there, we should think about what strategy we want to employ on the toes to bar. More advanced athletes will be able to go for big sets and maybe take the run a touch slower. If we’re someone who’s going to need to run a touch faster in order to make it under the 1 minute time cap for our runs, we should think about what a sustainable rep count and modification is for toes to bar. For this athlete, a round might look like pushing the run, then coming back in and hitting as many quick sets of 3 as possible in the time remaining.

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