Deadlift – 7×3

Deadlifts @ Bodyweight
Wall Balls @ 20/14

WOD Guidance:
Today’s workout is a heavy deadlift day combined with a gnarly couplet to close things out. When we do a lift for strength, we always have the option to either build or do sets across. Let’s take a second to examine why you would do one versus the other. Building in weight is useful when we want to gather information about the strength we’ve built. Often, in CrossFit, we don’t touch a lift in this context very frequently, so it’s possible than when we circle back to it we’ve gotten a good bit stronger. In this context, it’s important to know where we’re at so that we can reset our expectations and pick weights in WODs that reflect the strength we’ve gained. That said, we don’t need to be testing our strength all the time. If we’re interested in building strength, it’s more effective to do perfect reps at moderate weight. So depending on our goals today, we can choose to either do our 7×3 at the same weight, or build in weight as we go. For our 10-20-30 circuit today, we want to pick a light weight that allows us to do over 10 reps unbroken without putting the weight down. Although the weight is light, we can think about doing sets of 5-10 the whole time on both the deadlifts and the wall balls with short rests in between.

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