TUESDAY VIRTUAL CLASS SCHEDULE 7 AM Class, 9 AM Class, 11 AM Endurance, 12 PM Core and Cardio, 1 PM Bodybuilding, 4 PM Mobility, 5 PM Class

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“Hey Jude”
200m Run
1 minute Plank Hold

General Warm Up
1 minute Easy Jog
:30 Knuckle Dragger
:30 Figure Four
:30 Quad Stretch
:30 Walkout to Plank
1 minute Moderate Run
:30 High Knees
:30 Butt Kickers
:30 Walkout to Plank
1 minute WOD Pace Run

Movement Specific Warm Up
:30 Plank on Elbows
:30 Plank on Hands

WOD Modifications
Run– Row, Bike (400m), or Ski
Plank Hold- :30, Side Plank, Hollow Hold Variation, Deadbug

Tabata Time

Question of the Day
Without revealing your actual age, what’s something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn’t understand?