“An Arm and a Leg”
15 DB Row Left @ 50/35 or 53/35
15 DB Row Right @ 50/35 or 53/35
50 ft Handstand Walk

WOD Guidance:
Today we have a serious upper body pump with a skill component in the handstand walk. We can perform single arm dumbbell rows in a variety of ways, but my favorite way to do these is to put one hand on a bench or box, and stand with my feet square, holding the dumbbell in my other hand. Modifying handstand walks is always a challenge, but all we need to do is figure out a way to support ourselves on our hands, and shift our weight from side to side. This can take the form of a wall walk, shoulder tap, or a walk on our hands around a bench or box. Additionally, we can think about modifying with an overhead dumbbell carry. As always, lean on your coach for modifications and don’t be afraid to try a new skill!

What’s the most overpriced thing you buy on a regular basis?

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