Every :90 x 15 Min
1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat


Max Squat Cleans @ 155/105

WOD Guidance:
Today is all about going up & then down…
Like a fishing bobber in the water, athletes will have moments when they will be
floating high, and moments when they are getting pulled under…
In today’s strength section there is no better way to practice technique then
lifting on a clock…
Afterwards we have a spin off of CrossFit open workout 11.3, except today we will just be doing the squat clean…
Choose a weight on the barbell you can move for all 5 minutes with no misses, and let’s get jacked!

Box Brief
January Gymnastics Classes – Sundays in January @ 10am-11:30am @ TILT Sudbury – Click HERE for all details.
TILT Rowathon Competition – Saturday March 2nd – Click HERE for details and sign-up link.
TILT 5th Affiliate Cup – Click HERE for details. Sign-up at the front desk!