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“30 Strict Muscle-Ups”
For Time
30 Strict Muscle Ups 

WOD Guidance:
A classic, back again to challenge your strict gymnastics skills. We last tested this beauty on August 5th. We’ve done a significant amount of gymnastics, namely strict gymnastics since then, so we’re hoping for some improvement on this one! Now, keep in mind, progress can wear some different hats. It can look like a faster time. It can look like a more challenging progression. It can look like your strict pulling or pressing feeling better than it has prior. There are many ways to track your progress, but regardless, we’re going to be spending all of our time diving in to this skill, so come ready to rock!

Box Brief:
TILT Rowathon – Saturday, Feb 11th @ 8:0am – Click HERE for all details!
4th Annual Affiliate Cup starts February 17th! Click HERE for all details.
Thursday 2/2 5:30pm Class will be cancelled for a Staff Development Night