15 rounds on the Row, Bike, or Ski
1 min On
1 min Off

WOD Guidance:
Why do we do intervals? I’ve worked at a large variety of CrossFit gyms, and no gym I’ve been at has done more intervals than TILT. One really good reason is to increase our cardiovascular capacity. Even when we do strength work, our cardiovascular system is working to clear waste out of our muscles so that they can continue producing force. Our muscles aren’t always operating at high power, but our heart and lungs are always working no matter what. While continued development of the cardiovascular system is important, I think there’s another, more compelling reason to do intervals; we need to get good at pacing. If we watched someone go out for a run and they ran 3 miles by alternating sprints and standing still, we would assume that they were a new runny and didn’t know how to properly pace themselves. Yet even veteran CrossFitters will still fall into this trap on certain workouts. When we do intervals, we develop a deeper understanding of “maximum sustainable pace” which is the pace that we need to be searching for on every workout. This is also why we prefer people to use the same machine for the entire interval. Changing the machine allow us to rest the movement pattern associated with one machine versus the other, and therefore makes pacing on both of the machines easier.

What’s a sport you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet?