“Nickel and Dime”
9 rounds of
1:40 On
:20 Off
*2 min rest after round 5

WOD Guidance:
Today we have an interesting set-up for our Thursday interval. We have super short rest intervals, but a long break after round 5. In a way, we can think of these as two separate workouts. As much as we can, our goal should be to sustain the same level of output across all 9 rounds. The reason that we love intervals is because they enhance our ability to recover in the context of other workouts. Regardless of how high our level of output in a given workout, our cardiovascular system is always working in the background. Think of the burning feeling you get in your legs during a heavy set of squats or deadlifts. Your heart and lungs are directly responsible for dissipating that feeling and allowing you to continue your set. This means that, all things being equal, having a more developed cardiovascular system will even make you stronger on workouts where weightlifting appears to be the primary feature, especially those with higher rep counts.

What’s something you spend a small amount on that adds up to way too much over time?

Box Brief:
Gym Closed July 4th