THURSDAY VIRTUAL CLASS SCHEDULE 7 AM Class, 9 AM Class, 11 AM Endurance, 12 PM Core and Cardio, 1 PM Bodybuilding, 4 PM Mobility, 5 PM Class

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Nowhere Man
100 Burpees
EMOM – 10 Jumping Lunges

1 min Alternating Samson Reach + Twist
1 min Walkout to Shoulder Tap
1 min Jumping Jacks
:30 Alternating Samson Reach + Twist
:30 Walkout to Shoulder Tap
:30 Jumping Jacks

Burpee Warmup
3 Up Down
3 Step Down and Step Up
3 Drop Down and Step Up
3 Drop Down and Snap Up

Jumping Lunge Warmup
10 Front Lunges
10 Reverse Lunges
:30 Low Hops
10 Jumping Lunges

Burpees- Decrease reps: 80/60 Elevated Surface Up Downs Calorie Row/Bike/Ski
Jumping Lunges- Forward or Reverse Stationary Lunge Squat Jump

Tabata Time

 Question of the Day
Do you eat your corn straight across or around in circles?