#TBT Ed!

21 min clock
Run 400/200/100 meters
Max Strict Pull-ups
Each time you break a set of pull-ups complete a run.

0:00 – 7:00 = 400m
7:00 – 14:00 = 200m
14:00 – 21:00 = 100m

What do you order at a bar?
WOD Guidance:
Today is a play on a CrossFit benchmark that we’ve done in the past called “Nicole.” In that workout, athletes complete a max set of pull-ups and run 400m every time they break their pull-ups. However, today we reduce our distance every seven minutes. This creates more balance in the workout, because that max set of pull-ups necessarily goes down as we fatigue throughout the workout. While in traditional “Nicole” we’d have to continue running 400m regardless of how large of sets we were capable of, the set-up of this workout ensures that we’ll be able to continue accumulating pull-ups even as we fatigue in the later rounds. Expect your coaches to give you a broad variety of scaling options and modifications for the strict pull-up, and run slow to make sure that your arms get a rest before you get back on the pull-up bar.

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