THURSDAY VIRTUAL CLASS SCHEDULE: 7 AM Class, 9 AM Class, 11 AM Endurance, 12 PM Core and Cardio, 1 PM Bodybuilding, 4 PM Mobility, 5 PM Class

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“Day Tripper”
For time-
1000m Run/Row/Ski or 2000m Bike
50 Single Dumbbell Thrusters
30 Pull Ups or Rows

General Warm Up-
Easy 1 Mile/8 Minute Run, Row, Bike or Ski
3 Rounds
1:00 Spiderman + Air Squat
:30 Air Row or PVC Row

Dumbbell Thruster Warm Up
5 Slow Squats
5 Air Squats
5 Air Front Squats
5 Air Push Press
5 AIr Thrusters
5 DB Front Squat
5 DB Push Press
5 DB Thrusters

Pull Up Warm Up
:15 Dead Hang
10 Scap Pull Up or DB Scap Retraction
5 Easy Ring Row or DB Row
5 Workout Style Pull Ups

WOD Modifications
Run- 800/600/400m
Row/Ski- 1000/800/600/400m
Bike- 2000/1600/1200/800m

3x 100 High Knees + 50 Mountain Climbers

Thruster- 30/25 Reps
DB Front Squat, DB Push Press, Air Thruster

Pull Ups- 20/15 Reps
Bent Over Rows

Tabata Time


Question of the Day
What is the ELITE summer smell?