Coach Rachel dialed in on the rower!

“Davey Jones Locker”
2k Row
EMOM – Up Ladder Burpees

WOD Guidance:
This workout has its roots in the early days of CrossFit New England (a gym where many TILT coaches and members got their start). For today, your task is to row 2000m. Your first minute will be entirely composed of rowing. When one minute elapses, you’ll dismount the rower and do one burpee, then hop back on as quickly as possible and resume rowing. At the two minute mark, you’ll once again dismount, this time completing two burpees. Your workout will continue until you’re able to accumulate 2000m on the rower. Often in these breakdowns I recommend that you pace the workout and manage your fatigue. This is not the strategy today. Because your time on the rower is front-loaded, it behooves you to row as hard as you can in the first 1-5 minutes. After that the numbers on burpees start to catch up and your time on the rower is reduced substantially. Your goal is to get as many meters as you can at the start of this workout, so that you can finish your meters before you cap out on burpees. 

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