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All or Nothing
2,000m Row or Ski OR 4,000m Bike
Every Minute on the Minute: Up Ladder – Core Movement of Choice (V-Up, Single Leg V-Up, Tuck Crunch, Abmat Sit-up)

WOD Guidance
Start the workout on the machine.
At the 1:00 Minute mark, hop off, perform 1 rep of core movement, and then hop back on.
Continue in this fashion (2 reps at 2:00, 3 reps at 3:00, etc.) and keep accumulating meters until you reach 2,000/4,000!

Question of the Day
Do you chew ice cream?

Box Brief 
TILT Affiliate Cup! Click HERE for all the details!
21.3 Live Announcement Throwdown- Thursday 3/25 @ 8:00pm on Zoom!
NEW Kids Fitness Class Time: 11:00am-11:30am in Sudbury
No Kids’ Class on Sunday 4/4