JT Throwback Thursday!

Minute 0-4
20 Wall Balls @ 20/14
Max Calories

Minute 4-8
25 WB
Max Calories

Minute 8-12
30 WB
Max Calories

Minute 12-16
35 WB
Max Calories

Minute 16-20
40 WB
Max Calories

WOD Guidance:
Sweat and sweat some more.
Big sets on the wall balls and a manageable pace on the machines.
Your goal today is just keep swimming.

Box Brief 
TILT Rowathon Competition – Saturday March 2nd – Click HERE  for details and sign-up link.
January Gymnastics Classes – Sundays in January @ 10am-11am @ TILT Sudbury
Click HERE for all details
January TILT Book Club – Click HERE for details.