“Circus Catch”
3 rounds of
20 Toes to Bar
20 DB Snatch @ 70/50

WOD Guidance:
Our workout today is a really cool combination of hip extension and hip flexion. Often, we like to pick contrasting elements when we’re putting our workouts together. A great example of this is the workout “Fran” which combines a press in the thruster and a pull in the pull-up. When picking contrasting movements we’re able to create a bigger overall stimulus, because while you’re resting one system you’re working the other. In the case of “Circus Catch,” we’re stimulating the muscles of our posterior chain (hamstrings, butt, and lower back) with the dumbbell snatch, and the muscles in our anterior chain (abs, hip flexors) during the toes to bar. This creates an effect where we’re less limited by the endurance of our muscles and more limited by our body fatiguing as a whole. In CrossFit, we think of this type of set-up as “elegant” because it allows us to move quickly between movements and generally gets us fitter than hammering one muscle or movement pattern over and over.

Who’s the greatest sports talent that didn’t pan out?

Box Brief:
Gym Closed July 4th!