When there’s only one more sleep till the 4th of July!

“4th of July Eve”
Every 2 minutes starting on the 0:00
5 Strict Presses (95/65)
Max Bike Cals in time remaining

*Keep going until you hit 100/80 on the calories

WOD Guidance:
Today’s workout is a high intensity piece where we have to control our breathing on strict presses. This might be a good day to play with a higher damper and a lower RPM on the bike. This will smoke our legs, but keep our heart rate under control for the strict presses. On the strict presses, we want to pick a weight that allows us to go unbroken for 5 reps every two minutes, so this should be in the light to moderate range. We can prepare for this workout by doing one full round, where we complete 5 strict presses and then bike for the remainder of two minutes at workout pace. This will give us a calorie target to shoot for and try to maintain every round. Overall this workout should be 4-6 rounds, so 8-12 minutes of work total.

Box Brief:
Gym Closed on July 4th!

Come Celebrate 10 Years of Fitness in Southborough,
Saturday July 16th at TILT V starting @9:00am!