High Fives and Fist Bumps!

“Sunday Funday”
In a 20 minute window:
300/250 Calorie Row, Bike, or Ski
*Max DB Bench Press @50/35 in time remaining

WOD Guidance:
Today is a super simple workout involving a hard push on the machine and then a test of strength-endurance on the dumbbell bench. Ideally we’re looking to hit our calories in 15-18 minutes and then be able to hammer out sets quickly on the dumbbell bench presses. On our dumbbell bench, we’re looking for a weight that allows us to do at least 20 reps when we’re fresh, but we should be able to work in sets of 5-10 throughout the workout. If we’re still on calories at the 18 minute mark, let’s just get off and make sure that we are hitting at least 2 minutes of dumbbell bench inside this workout.