“Sunday Funday”
400m Run
Max Reps DB Bench Presses (50s/35s)

WOD Guidance:
This workout is a variation of the CrossFit benchmark Nicole. Nicole is an identical format that features pull-ups instead of bench presses. We like this format because it challenges muscle stamina, while still giving us a good cardio stimulus with all the runs. On our dumbbells today, we want to pick a weight that allows us to go for 10+ reps when we’re fresh. Ideally we’re able to keep all our sets in the 5-15 rep range, and we’re never dropping down too far into the sub-5 rep range. Expect to get 5-8 rounds of this workout depending on how fast you’re running, so we’ll definitely be able to generate some disruption and soreness in our upper bodies with all the dumbbell bench presses today!

Box Brief:
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