Prep Cook Sunday’s

“Sunday Funday”
2:00 on//3:00 off x 5 rounds
30/25 calorie row/bike/ski
Max box jump over, 24/20″

WOD Guidance:
Today we have some sprint work on a machine and box. The 30 cals will be tough to finish in a reasonable time, but we’re looking for :30-:45 on the box, so adjust cals accordingly or row hard for 1:15 and then move to the box each round. The goal here is a near sprint on the machine and then get right to work on the box. 3:00 rest will be less than you want, but just enough to go hard on the next one….

Box Brief:
December Holiday Schedule  

Saturday December 24th – 8am-10am 

Open Gym Sunday December 25th – Gym Closed 

Sunday January 1st – Gym Closed