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“Rocky Mountain”
200 Jumping Jacks
150 Mountain Climbers
100 Up Downs
50 Hollow Rocks

General Warm Up
:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Plank Hold
:30 Step Down to Plank, Step Up
:30 Tuck Hold

:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Slow Mountain Climber
:30 Jump Down to Plank, Step Up
:30 Tuck Hold with One Leg Out

:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Fast Mountain Climbers
:30 Up Downs
:30 Hollow Hold

Movement Specific Warm Up
:20 Tuck Rock, Using Arms for Momentum
:20 Tuck Rock with One Leg Out, Using Arms for Momentum
:20 Hollow Rock, With Arms by your Sides
:20 Workout Style Hollow Rock

Warm Up Round
:20 Seconds At Each Station:
Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climber
Up Down
Hollow Rock

WOD Guidance-
These movements are sneaky! Break things up into manageable sets!
Aim for sets of 50 on Jumping Jacks, sets of 25-50 on Mountain Climbers,
steady pace on the up downs, and sets of 10 on Hollow Rocks.

WOD Modifications-
Jumping Jacks- 150/100/75 reps, Line/Bunny Hops, 3 Min Row/Bike
Mountain Climbers- 100/75/50 reps, Plank Shoulder Taps, High Knee March
Up Downs- 75/50/25 Elevated Surface, Step Feet
Hollow Rock- 40/30/25 reps, Hollow Hold, Plank Hold (accumulate :90 sec-2 min in hold)

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