Sundae Fundae Class
2K Row, 2K Ski, or 4K Bike
On the Minute – Up Ladder Burpees
Min 1 – 1 Burpee
Min 2 – 2 Burpees
Min 3 – 3 Burpees etc.
Workout starts on the row, ski, or bike

Sundae Fundae Limited
50, 100 or 150 Burpees
On the Minute – 25 Double Unders
Workout starts on the Burpees

Sundae Fundae Bodyweight
50, 100, or 150 Burpees for time

General Warm Up
2 min slow row/bike/ski or 2 rounds of :30 singles or line hops
:30 Hops to plank
1 min row or :30 high jump singles or line hops
:30 step/step burpee
1 min Moderate pace row or :30 double unders or attempts or line hops
:30 hop/step burpee
1 min faster pace row or :30 WOD style double or singles or line hops
:30 workout style burpees

WOD Guidance
They’re here… your weekly dose of burpees from TILT
Fire up your Sunday sweat!

1 for 1 singles for doubles
Burpee to a plank or elevated surface if you are not going to the ground!