Endurance Class TODAY (Sunday) from 7:00-8:00 AM

“Sunday Swole Sesh”
4 Rounds for QUALITY-
10 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows (Each Arm)
15 Dumbbell Bench Press
20 Russian Twists
25 Calorie Ski
:30 Weighted Plank

WOD Guidance-
Pump Day!
Choose dumbbells you can go unbroken on your sets, but last few reps are challenging.
1 Russian Twist = Tap both sides
Prioritize form on ski
Plank with a plate on your upper back (or grab a friend to help you!)

Box Brief-

We will be cancelling the Monday/Wednesday 7:30 PM Class effective immediately. We apologize for any inconvenience, but hope you can understand!

Sign-ups for the TILT 800 Gram Nutrition Challenge are live at the front desk!
Click HERE for more information about the challenge.

The TILT Top Gun Team Throwdown is coming!
Click HERE for more information about this Same-Sex Team of 2 Competition
being held in our own backyard!