“Karen Meets Isabel”
Teams of 2
400m Run (200m Each)
50 Wall Balls @ 20/14
10 Squat Snatch @ 135/95

WOD Guidance:
Today our workout is a longer partner style AMRAP that is heavily focused on squatting. 200m runs should be quick but sustainable each round, and wall ball loading should be light to where we can repeat sets of 10-15+ each round. Our squat snatch weight should be somewhere in the range of moderate, and be something that you could do for 3-5 touch and go reps, but singles are likely the best answer for today. Trade reps with your partner as you’d like and aim for 4+ rounds.

Box Brief:
Zero One Nutrition Challenge is LIVE! Click HERE for details.
King of The Mountain 24 Hour Event – Saturday September 10th @ 9am at Mount Abram – Click HERE for details.
We will be closed on Labor Day- Monday 9/5