Nicole and Kristen!

SATURDAY CLASS SCHEDULE 8AM Class, 9AM Bulletproof Back, 10AM Endurance, 11AM Olympic Weightlifting
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Magical Mystery Tour

8 DB Power Clean
8 Burpees
200m Run

Warm Up
3 rounds of
1 min Light Cardio
:30 Low Tuck Jumps (No Rebounding)
:30 Up Down (Step Down and Step Up)

Dumbbell Power Clean
10 Alternating DB Deadlift
10 Alternating DB Hang Power Clean
10 Alternating DB Power Clean

3 Step Down and Step Up
3 Drop Down and Step Up
3 Drop Down and Snap Up

Dumbbell Power Clean- Hang Power Clean, DB Deadlift, Tuck Jumps
Burpee- Up Downs, Toe Tap Hops
Run in place/:45 Shuttle Run/:45 High Knees/:45 Jumping Jacks

Tabata Time

Question of the Day
What is the BEST cake/frosting combination?