SATURDAY CLASS SCHEDULE 8AM Class, 9AM Bulletproof Back, 10AM Endurance, 11AM Olympic Weightlifting

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For Time:
200m Run
70 Goblet Squats
200m Run
60 Push-ups
200m Run
50 Sit-ups
200m Run
40 Deadlifts
200m Run
30 Dumbbell Push Press
200m Run
20 Pull-ups

General Warmup
:30 Easy Cardio
:30 Slow Squat
:30 Easy Cardio
:30 Alternating Scorpion Stretch
:30 Easy Cardio
:30 Arms Crossed Sit-ups
:30 Easy Cardio
:30 Air Deadlifts or Light Deadlift
:30 Easy Cardio
:30 Air Strict Press or Light Strict Press
:30 Easy Cardio
:30 Air Row, Ring Row, or Low Row

Movement Specific Warmup
Goblet Squat
5 Slow Air Squats
5 Air Squats
5 Goblet Squat

5 Scap Push-up
5 Elevated or Knee Push-up
5 Push-up

5 Butterfly
5 Feet Flat
5 Legs Straight

10 Good Mornings
10 Cat/Cow
10 Deadlifts

Push Press
10 Air Push Press
10 Push Press

:10 Deadhang on Bar or DB
10 Scap Pull-ups on Bar or DB
5 Easy Ring Row or DB Row
5 Workout Style Pull-ups

WOD Modifications
200m Run/:45 Shuttle Run/:45 Jog in Place/400m Bike
Goblet Squats/Air Squats/Glute Bridge
Push Ups/Floor Press
Sit Ups/Flutter Kicks/Hollow Hold
Deadlifts/Good Mornings/Supermans
Push Press- Strict Press/1- arm Press
Pull-up- Banded/Ring Row/Dumbbell Row

Question of the Day
Which way do you cut your sandwich? (triangle or rectangle)

Tabata Time

Box Brief


When: July 7th-July 10th @ 10:30am-11:30am
Who: Ages 6-10
Cost: $60/child
Sign-up Link: https://crossfit-tilt-ii.triib.com/signup/package/57165/
If you are interested in signing your child up, or are looking for more information, please contact Brian at brian@crossfittilt.com.