Rob during Opening Ceremonies!

VIRTUAL CLASS SCHEDULE 8 AM Class, 9 AM Bulletproof Back, 10 AM Endurance, 11 AM Olympic Lifting
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3 rounds of
1k Run/Row/Ski or 2k Bike
100 Air Squats
50 Burpees

*Wear a vest if you have one

Warm Up
2 min Run/Row/Ski/Bike
Then 3 rounds of
10 Air Squats w 3 sec bottom hold
10 Step Back and Step in Up Downs

Squat Warm Up
5 Slow Squats
5 Air Squats

Burpee Warm Up
2 Step Down and Step Up Burpees
2 Drop Down and Step Up Burpees
2 Drop Down and Snap Up Burpees

Distances: 800/600/400m Run/Row/Ski or 1600/1200/800m Bike
Squats- 75/50 Reps, Glute Bridges, Step ups
Burpees- 35/25, Elevated, Up Downs

Tabata Time

Question of the Day
Would you rather be able to fly to outer space, or the center of the Earth?