Brenna jumping for joy to see new movement, the ring push-up!

“Pictures of Spiderman”
5 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 Ring Push-ups
20 Box Step-ups @ 30/24

WOD Guidance:
This is a workout that was originally posted on a couple months back. The ring push-up and strict chest to bar may feel unfamiliar at first blush, but in reality we do pull-ups and push-ups all the time. The only difference here is that we’re looking for a slightly harder version of both of these movements, so as your coach takes you through progressions think about which step in the progression is right for you. The entrée here is definitely the high box step-up. This is a new one for us, but expect to see it a lot more. This is a great option for athletes who are attempting to find a suitable scale for single leg or “pistol” squats. As we expand our programming and expose our members to a broader variety of movements, we’re always seeking to make sure that we’re coming up with appropriate modifications as well. In this case, the high box step-up will likely be our go-to modification going forward.

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