“Psst… Did you hear it’s a team workout today?!”

“Kansas City Chiefs”
Teams of 2
1k Row/2k Bike
30 Power Snatch @ 135/95
100 Burpees
30 Squat Snatch @ 135/95
1k Row/2k Bike

WOD Guidance:
We’re finishing out the week with a fun partner workout! This will be a long grind, and you can split things as you’d like with your homie. Choose a load on the barbell that would allow for both partners to cycle 3-5 touch and go reps, but singles may be the best course for today. Base your loading off of the squat snatch, since this will likely be the more challenging movement.

Box Brief:
TILT Rowathon – Saturday, Feb 11th @ 8:0am – Click HERE for all details!
4th Annual Affiliate Cup starts February 17th! Click HERE for all details.