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5K Run or 1-Hour Ruck

*For ruck, wear a weight vest or a backpack*

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Warm Up
200m or 1:00 Run/Bike/Row
:30 Jumping Jacks/Jills
:30 Turtle Hurders
:30 Mountain Climbers
:30 Knee to Chest
400m Run or 2:00 Run/Bike/Row
:30 over the hurdle forward
:30 Alternating Figure 4
:30 Alternating Samson and Reach
:30 Soldier Kicks
200m or 1:00 Run/Bike/Row
:30 High Knees (focus on elbows close + arm swing with arms bent at 90 degrees)
:30 Butt Kicks
:30 Straight Leg Jog (short steps, shallow kicks out in front)
:30 Toes-In Walk (heels elevated and pigeon-toed)
200m or 1:00 Run/Bike/Row

All of the above PLUS
1 minute plank with your weight

1 minute good morning with your weight

WOD Modifications- 
4K Run (2.48 miles), if consecutive miles are not held under 10 minutes
3K Run (1.8 miles), if consecutive miles are not held under 12
30 minute Ruck- 15 minutes out, 15 minutes back
30 minute Bike/Row

30min bike/row with :30 plank or hollow hold every 2:00 until time is up

WOD Guidance
Pace, pace, pace on the run! Stay steady and keep moving!
For the ruck grab a backpack, load it up and find a park or a hike trail with your family!
Today doesn’t have to be about reaching peak intensity– just move!

Question of the Day
Is the Easter bunny a boy or a girl?