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Money in the Grave
OTM x 20
5 Power Cleans
5 Front Squat
5 Push Press
(Barbell or Double DB)

:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Spiderman to Air Squat
10 Air Strict Press
:30 Jumping Jacks
:30 Air Squat
:30 Air Deadlift

Power Clean
6 Deadlift
6 Hang Power Clean
6 Power Clean

Front Squat
6 Front Squat

Push Press
6 Strict Press (2 Handed/ 1 DB or Light BB)
6 Dip and Stand
6 Push Press

Weight and Reps
Hang Clean
Air Squat

Tabata Time

Question of the Day
If you punch yourself and you cry are you strong or weak?

Box Brief
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