All Business Ben!

50 Single Arm Devils Press @ 50/35
Rest 3 min
50 Burpees over DB
Rest 3 min
50 Burpees

WOD Guidance:
This is the crowd-pleaser Monday workout! Single arm devils press are an amazing movement that have made a newer inroads to CrossFit but are nonetheless a super fun challenge. When we’re transitioning from the burpee to the DB snatch in the Devil’s Press the two things that we’re focused on are: 1) making sure that the dumbbell comes from our side back to our centerline and 2) making sure that we’ve reached the dumbbell behind our thighs so that we can launch it up using the muscles in our legs and butt. If we’re able to accomplish these two things consistently in our Devil’s Presses then we’ll find that the dumbbell almost floats up and that the snatch portion of the movement requires very little effort. The fastest athletes on this workout will find that they’re able to get as much rest as they spend working, as many fit people are capable of doing 50 burpees in under 3 minutes.

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