Smile! Beach season is coming!

“Sugar Mama”
3 rounds of
400m Run
21 Power Snatches @ 75/55

What’s the largest acceptable age difference in a relationship?

WOD Guidance:
This workout is a classic CrossFit couplet of two moderate movements, that should take us 8-12 minutes. On our runs, we’re looking for a distance that allows us to run, rather than jog, and it may be appropriate to scale the distance to 300m in order to be able to run the entire time. Our power snatch weight should allow us to do the snatches in no more than two sets. If we were to break the 21 snatches this way, we’d probably do 12-9 as our two sets. Today, expect your coach to run a lot of warm-up rounds in order to get your lungs and legs ready to move fast. Today is not about “saving your bullets” but instead we want to be breathing hard and sweaty before the workout starts so that our system isn’t shocked from how high our heart rate gets.

Box Brief
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