Paulo placed his bets on the “over” the pull-up bar

“Over Under”
Every :90 x 10 Sets
2 Squat Cleans


7 Squat Cleans @ 95/65
49 Double Unders

WOD Guidance:
I know nothing about sports better…truly don’t know what over under means…fortunately I know a lot about squat cleans! So much so that I know how much this workout is going to totally rock your socks today! Lifting heavy and then lifting light…what could better?!?!

Box Brief:
Marathon Monday April 15th Only 4:30pm and 5:30pm classes will be held today. All morning classes will be canceled. 24 Heroes Event – Saturday, May 18th – Sunday May 19th – Click HERE for all details *Pre-order a fundraiser T-shirt or Tank at the front desk! All proceeds will be donated to the event.