17 power cleans, 135 lb.
75 squats
Unload the barbell and carry it 200 meters away.
Return to the plates and then carry one forward to the barbell.
Retrieve the second plate, carry it forward and reload the barbell for the next round.

Click HERE for a video explanation and inside look into the workout!

WOD Guidance:
PLEASE ARRIVE 10-15 MINUTES EARLY TO CLASS TODAY IF POSSIBLE! The workout will be starting very shortly after the start of class as it is an AMRAP 50. Originally this workout is programmed as an AMRAP 60, but we modified it to leave a little bit of time at the start of class to brief the workout/running route and get your equipment ready. If you would like to complete the full 60:00 workout you are welcome to stay after class to finish! If you do want to get in a full warm-up, not have to rush to get your equipment set-up and be ready to go when the clock starts, please show up early today. There will be a general warm-up written on the board you can follow before class, and obviously the coach will be there to help answer any questions as normal! If you are late, you can just jump in whenever you arrive and work with whatever time you have left of the 50:00.  Good luck, move slow and steady, and have fun grinding away through this one!

Box Brief:
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P.S- If you are still reading this at this point congratulations, April Fools! This is not the workout for today. Show up to find out what’s really in store for today, I promise its just like any other Monday class! Also don’t ruin the surprise for those that didn’t read this far, play along if anyone is talking to you about it 😉