“Wonderful Christmas Time”

Fran Up Ladder
1/1, 2/2, 3/3…
Thruster @ 95/65

7 min clock:
Heavy 1 rep Power Clean

WOD Guidance:
Today we have a three part adventure that is sure to please all! First up – a CrossFit classic – AMRAP 7 of burpees. Then, everyones favorite benchmark – “Fran” with a twist. Finish out with a heavy lift, building up to a heavy power clean. This one is tricky because each part is inherently high intensity, but we’re moving for 21 minutes here – so make sure to save a bit of gas in the tank on the burpees so you can move right into the Fran ladder.

Box Brief:
December Holiday Schedule  
Saturday December 24th – 8am-10am 
Open Gym Sunday December 25th – Gym Closed 
Monday December 26th- Gym Closed
Sunday January 1st – Gym Closed
Monday January 2nd- Gym Closed