“Bargain Shopping”
For Time:
Toes to Bar
Front Squats @ 135/95

-Rest 5 min-

For Load:
10 min clock
Work up to a Heavy 3 rep Front Squat

WOD Guidance:
Looking to crush the bargain shopping game?

This year don’t open any gifts you’re not planning on using so that next year you can gift them to someone else.


Today break the toes to bar early and often. Front squat beasts will go unbroken on the barbell while mini beasts will break once per round.


We all lift HEAVY!!!

Box Brief 
January Gymnastics Classes – Sundays in January @ 10am-11am @ TILT Sudbury
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January TILT Book Club – Click HERE for details.
Holiday Schedule:
12/23- Open gym from 8am-10am
12/24 and 12/25- Gym Closed
1/1- Gym Closed